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Leroy Family

Here is a slideshow of a recent family photo shoot out on Fripp Island.


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Sarah Jayne

Portfolio 2-5 Blog

Sarah Jayne graduated last year but I was lucky enough to be able to do her senior pictures.  It went beyond that a little bit though.  I needed models to help build a portfolio and she agreed to help me out.

Our day started out at the salon where she had her hair and make up done.  Alisha Craven was the stylist and she did a fantastic job of giving Sarah Jayne a special hair style.  After Sarah Jayne was ready, we did a few shots of her at home.  She is a fine violin player and we wanted to get some shots of her with her violin and doing something that she loves passionately.

Then we traveled to Savannah where we walked around town and River Street using the historic city as our backdrop.  I won’t go into detail about getting lost.  Am I the only one who gets lost using a GPS?  I also won’t go into detail about the van door getting stuck and not being able to close completely.

All in all it was a good day and Sarah Jayne helped me out by being a trooper as we walked around the streets of Savannah.

I love photographing teens and seniors.  If you are interested in wanting senior photos that are not your ordinary senior pictures, get in touch with me and we’ll work together to get you some pictures you’ll be showing off to your friends.




Charlie B-63 Blog

I had the opportunity to photograph Charlie, who is the son of good friends of ours.  Jonelle and Erik were very gracious and donated to Joe’s Panama trip and in return, I got to give them some pictures.

When Jonelle asked me where we should have the photo shoot and we discussed several of the “normal” places where I go, I asked her what Charlie wanted to be when he grew up.  She told me he wanted to be a firefighter like his dad, or a pastor.  I suggested that she ask Erik if we could set up something at the station where he worked.  After he got the green light, things took off!

Jonelle and Erik took this to a level I wasn’t expecting.  They surprised him by getting him firefighter turn out or bunker gear.  After a couple of shots with Charlie holding the axe, I whispered to him, “Go ask your dad if you can hold the fire hose.”  Well Erik did much more than just holding a fire hose.  He turned the thing on and helped Charlie put out an imaginary fire.  Charlie got to ride in the truck and hook up the hose to a fire hydrant.  I mean, Jonelle and Erik made this a day to remember, not only for Charlie, but for me too!

Thanks, friends!  You took off with this idea and came away with some amazing pictures.


Snow White

Snow White Performance-50

Most everyone knows that I had the privilege to photograph Low Country School of Performing Arts presentation of Snow White.  This was the first time I’ve shot a dance event and I was super excited.  I wanted to try and get pictures of as many of the dancers as possible as they were performing.  With that goal, I took close to 1,500 pictures.  Instead of posting a few of the pictures, I thought I’d post the video I put together for the dancers and their families.

The performance pictures are on SmugMug in a gallery for the families to see if their child is pictured.  Please contact me if you would like to purchase a DVD of the pictures taken at this event.



This is my friend’s daughter, Hannah.  She is a very talented dancer that I had the privilege to photograph about a month ago.  Not only is she talented, but she’s a very lovely girl.



She was in the Low Country School of Performing Arts performance of Snow White.


My friend, Vicki, has a lot to be proud of when it comes to Hannah.




Jarnay-9 PS

In May, I had the opportunity to photograph some of the dancers from the Low Country School of Performing Arts.  I love every form of dance and I love dancers.  They are elegant and beautiful.

This is Jaranay.  She was easy to photograph because she did not need any direction from me.  She went from pose to pose to pose.  She’s a very talented dancer and I have no doubt that she’ll go very far with her talents.



What a great time we had in downtown Beaufort yesterday!  Grace is so much fun and is absolutely gorgeous.  I have had my eye on Grace for awhile now because I adore redheads.  Her personality is as vibrant as her beautiful red hair. I was also able to convince her mom, Donna, to take a picture or two with her.